Alexandria - April 2012 - Phase 3

The participants (Batti7'a Group) met for the last time in Alexandria. Ten days to work hard on the project : a collectiv performance bringing together dance, drama, videos and music. The performance was presented during the festival Start with yourself, a multi-arts festival created in february 2011 by the association AGORA.

Photo : Wael El Gendy

The third edition of this festival was untitled Exchange to change, to promote mutual undertstanding, and to highlight the fact that being aware of cultural differences sets a basis for a platform of dialogue.

The Batti7'a Group wants to thank the warm audience of Alexandria,
And all the volunteers that helped them in making this performance come true.

Photo : Wael El Gendy

Leipzig - February 2012 - Phase 2

The group met again in Leipzig, Germany, from the 17th until the 24th february 2012. One higlhy intensive week built around different activities : creative workshops, body and language animations, cultural visits (thanks to the great Titanick crew for welcoming us), that ended up in presenting a collectiv performance for the openning of the cultural ambassy of Egypt in Leipzig.

Thanks to the Schaubuehne for it's support!

Photo : Sabrina Da Cunha


Marseille - September 2011 - Phase 1

17 young artists from France, Germany and Egypt met one week in September 2011 in Marseille. During this first week, participants created an action plan that they will develop during the second phase in Leipzig (Germany) and that they will present during the third phase in Alexandria (Egypt) for the brand new festival Start with Yourself (AGORA - arts and culture).

Photo : Anya Fliegner

Here is the testimony of Jimi (Egyptian participant and singer of Salalem)

I used to hate France and the French
I don’t know why, there was no reason
I never knew how much 8 days could change in a person
Until I took part in this workshop
Maybe I’m overwhelmed because I haven’t been out of Egypt for a long time
And this was my first as soon as I got my military exemption
Maybe because I have discovered myself and still am discovering it in another dimension
Maybe because of the properly picked mixture of artists and art managers and producers
Maybe because Marseille to me was like love at first sight
And maybe because I know the outcome of this could be very large, unexpectedly large.
Maybe that’s why I’m overwhelmed.

Photo : Anya Fliegner